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GypWall® CLASSIC is a standard drywall partition system that is lightweight, non-loadbearing and quickly assembled on site. It provides cost-effective, multi-purpose wall solutions suitable for all types of buildings.

These interior wall systems are lightweight, and made with high-performance metal framing encased in gypsum plasterboards on both sides and come with self drilling screws and gypsum joining compounds to tape the joints. 

Our standard drywall partition system works for a huge range of residential and commercial applications. Versatile, and easy to install, takes less time and labour, our classic wall system also delivers excellent sound insulation, and fire-resistant properties, making homes, offices and other spaces as safe as can be.  

Get savings on your structural costs with Gyproc’s pre-optimized classic wall systems

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GypWall® CLASSIC System drawing

Key facts

  • Lightweight system solution
  • Dry construction
  • Flexibility
  • Easy to use, with fast installation speed (2 to 3 times faster than brick wall)
  • Satisfies BS 5234: Part 2 requirements up to and including Medium duty rating
  • Achieves 30 minutes of fire resistance in accordance with BS 476: Part 22 (using BaseLine® 12.5mm)
  • Achieves sound insulation up to STC 36
  • Accommodates services within the stud cavity
  • Cost effective
  • High fire resistance
  • Sound insulation

If you are looking for an alternative partition system, you can consider the Gypsum board partition.


Due to the design flexibility of GypWall® CLASSIC wall systems, they can be tailored to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications and sectors like residential, educational, hospitality, healthcare, etc. 


Commercial Healthcare Hotel Education

System components

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