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A home is more than just a house, it is more than just shelter. A home is where you go to feel safe, where you have your family around you, where you feel most comfortable, and it is where you create irreplaceable memories.

That is why, we at Gyproc® do not just provide materials to build a house. We provide solutions to help create your perfect home.

Download our Home Guide booklet which contains tips and guides on how to care for your Gyproc walls in your home: 

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Home is not home if you don't feel safe in it. We try to provide you with the safe and secure feeling by creating products that can help deter fire. The systems and solutions we have designed for this purpose provide exceptional fire protection and resistance thanks to the unique behaviour of the raw materials in fire situations.

Creating a healthy indoor environment is more vital than ever with the increasing rate of people choosing to stay indoors more often than not. Our patented wall and ceiling technologies provide just that, actively purifying the air by absorbing harmful compounds, and resisting moisture and mold.

For a place that we spend so much time in, it would come as no surprise if anyone wanted their home to be easy on the eyes. Our range of solutions were designed not only for its special functions, but also to be aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, our innovations make it easy for you to be creative when decorating your home.

Cool and Comfortable
With the heat and humidity in Malaysia, turning on the air-conditioning has become a guilty pleasure. Our ThermaLine products were designed for this precise issue. Due to certain materials, it is able to block out heat, allowing your home to stay cool, and for you to turn off the air-conditioner and save energy.

No one wants their home to be falling apart. We design our range of wall and surface solutions with the aim of making it long-lasting. They increase the durability and impact resistance of the walls in areas that are commonly exposed to high traffic, supporting your home from a lifetime of wear and tear.

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