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In this day and age, hotels are not only expected to provide rooms to sleep in but a multitude of other facilities and services, some of which can create a high volume of noise.

We understand the importance of a leisurely environment and have specially designed solutions to achieve the needs of any leisure scene.

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A hotel's first and foremost purpose is to provide a sound night's sleep to its guests. Our acoustic solutions have the ability to absorb sounds and reduce the build-up of noise, not only in rooms, but also in public.

Cleaning products, carpeting, engineered wood furniture and treated fabrics; these are only some of the things that are releasing volatile organic compounds (VOC) into your hotel, aggravating the quality of indoor air which can cause your guests discomfort. By utilising our Activ'Air Technology in your walls and ceilings, these harmful compounds will be absorbed and converted into harmless gas.

Aesthetically Pleasing
People tend to have a certain expectation when it comes to hotels, aesthetically. However, with the constant flow of people coming in and out and children running about, a certain amount of wear and tear is unavoidable. Within our range is a robust system that offers low maintenance and repair options that can extend the lifespan of walls, letting it stay aesthetically pleasing longer.

An understandable concern of guests is of course, the safety of the hotel. We at Gyproc, only supply systems that have been tested and approved by local and international standards.

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