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The physical environment of healthcare facilities plays a big role in patient recovery. This is because in a well-designed environment, patients are able to get the rest they need, and medical practitioners can think with a clearer mind and act quicker.

We at Gyproc provide the systems and solutions to contribute to the creation of the perfect healthcare environment.

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Healthcare facilities are usually quite large with high volumes of traffic. This can prove to very dangerous in the unlikely event of a fire. Our fire protection system is design to be built in such a way that the fire will be contained in a manageable fashion. Allowing patients ample time to leave the building.

Healthcare facilities also see their fair share of abuse. With gurneys, trolleys, wheelchairs etc. walls can suffer a lot of damage with continuous impact. This not only affects the aesthetics of the facility, but can also contribute to injuries, endangering both patient and staff. Our robust system is able to counter this problem by providing drywalls that can take a beating, and last a lifetime. 

With patients coming in daily to be treated, the indoor air quality of a healthcare facility is vital to their recovery. This is especially a concern for patients with respiratory problems as the harmful volatile organic compound (VOC) can further aggravate their illness. Our Activ'Air Technology is able to minimise the threat of formaldehyde, and improve air quality, greatly enhancing the overall patient experience.

For healing to happen, patients need ample rest in a quiet and peaceful environment.  However, with the constant beeping of medical equipment, alarms, conversations between visitors and staff, a quiet and peaceful environment is not easy to achieve. Our range of acoustic systems can help alleviate this concern with its sound absorbing and noise reducing capabilities.

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