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ProTop™ Ready-Mix Joint Compound

ProTop™ Ready-Mix Joint Compound is a Polymer-based ready-to-work air-drying product designed for all stages of jointing & finishing.

It is made with high quality raw materials that give it a smooth, continuous, crack free lining surface.

Easy to use, the Joint Compound can be applied onto all kinds of surfaces without compromising on its high bonding performance.

This pre-mixed joint compound is easy to apply and its defined working life allows you to estimate how much you need. Formulated to give a high quality, professional looking finish, ProTop™ Ready-Mix Joint Compound’s easy application with a range of tools means that it is soon ready for recoating, sanding or painting.

ProTop™ Ready-Mix Joint Compound product image

Key facts

  • Excellent flow and easy to apply 
  • Applicable on all types of surface
  • Smooth, seamless finish
  • Easy to sand
  • Crack free
  • Suitable for interior finishing
  • Excellent paintability
  • Zero/ Minimum Wastage


Gyproc Pro-Top™ Ready-Mix is an Air-Drying ready-to-use jointing compound for plasterboard finishing at vertical & horizontal joints. It can be used for filling the uneven gaps, small cut-outs and for smooth finishing of the internal/external corner joints.

The ProTop™ Ready-Mix Joint Compound can be used on all kinds of surfaces. Simply mix the compound with clean water to begin using it.

To draw out its full potential, use it with:

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