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ProTop™ 2-in-1 Joint Filler

You can use the ProTop™ 2-in-1 Joint Filler in any and all phases of plasterboard jointing. Specially manufactured, the filler is ideal for fixing cornices and moulding coves on various kinds of ceiling surfaces.

Our joint filler is so easy to mix and apply. It’s easy flow means it’s suitable for both hand and machine tools. The ProTop™ 2-in-1 Joint Filler also has a consistent setting time, allowing excellent workability and ensuring that you are left with a smooth, high quality finish.

ProTop™ 2-in-1 Joint Filler product image

Key facts

  • Quick preparation and easy to apply
  • Crack-resistant with high adhesive properties
  • Fast and high wall coverage
  • Excellent finishing quality
  • Excellent tape adhesion 
  • Mixes easily with water



The ProTop™ 2-in-1 Joint Filler is used in any and all phases of plasterboard jointing. This includes:

  • Board jointing
  • Fixing cornices
  • Molding coves on all types of ceiling surfaces
  • 2 hours to set and cure
  • Coat lightly with a 2-3 mm thickness over sand cement or concrete surfaces

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