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Gyproc® ProFilex 1Hr Fire-Rated Access Panel

Gyproc® ProFilex fire-rated access panels provide fire performance rating of 1 hour and are specially designed to fit fire-rated ceilings, partitions and openings in concrete structures.

The ProFilex fire-rated access panel has a hinged door panel that is constructed from high performance materials with strong insulation properties against temperature and impact.

This ceiling access panel allows excellent inspection and maintenance access and fits neatly to maintain a seamless look that’s great for your aesthetics.

Using our Profilex access panels within your plasterboard walls or ceilings provides quick and convenient access to hidden fixtures like wiring, fuses, pipes, etc.

Our access panels are available in various sizes for standard and non-standard applications.

Whether you use it as a wall or ceiling access panel, the ProFilex fire-rated panel is designed to be strong and durable. Easy to install, ProFilex also has acoustic properties that help it absorb sound to prevent reverberations.

New ProFilex™ Fire-rated Access Panel

Key facts

  • Strong and robust design
  • Heavy duty durable steel frame
  • Low profile door panel
  • Easy opening with T-bar key
  • Door with safety wire rope
  • Tested in an accredited laboratory in accordance to BS 476: Part 22
  • Easy to install
  • Allows easy access for maintenance
  • Perfect solution for commercial or residential applications


ProFilex fire-rated access panels can be installed to walls or ceilings. Reinforcement of ceiling frame may be required depending on size of access panel and design of ceiling frame. The access panel is best supported independent of ceiling frame.

This wall/ceiling access panel is suitable for residential as well as commercial use.