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GypFrame® 'C' Stud

Designed to be the backbone for wall framing, GypFrame® 'C' Stud is made with high strength zincalume steel sheets that allows the studs to provide excellent structural strength. It is manufactured to meet the highest industry standards, lightweight without compromising strength and impact resistance.

Additionally, tensile strength service cut-outs are also placed along the spine of GypFrame 'C' Studs providing easy routing of service through the partition.

Cost effective and easy to use, Gyproc’s GypFrame® 'C' Stud is one of the best metal studs in Malaysia.

GypFrame® 'C' Stud metal frame image

Key facts

  • Made of industry grade high strength steel with excellent anti-corrosion resistance
  • Precision engineered for excellent quality
  • Various sizes to cater for strength, height, impact resistance and sound insulation requirements
  • Easy to cut and fit
  • Comes with SpecSure system performance warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Cost effective


The GypFrame® 'C' Stud is used as a vertical support for wall framing. The stud can be used for the following:

  • GypWall®
  • Ceiling
  • Wall lining
  • Encasement systems

Sizes: 49 mm, 62 mm, 74 mm, 92 mm, 150 mm, with various base metal thickness (BMT).

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