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Thermal insulation

Keeping cool in a country with hot and humid weather like ours is not only a challenge, but usually results in a large consumption of energy.
Woman & child reading in room with thermal wall insulation

With the threat of climate change looming overhead, the need to be more energy-efficient and eco-friendly is on the rise. As a champion of sustainability and green initiatives, we at Gyproc incorporate thermal insulation properties into a large portion of our products and solutions.  

By acting as a filter between interior and exterior climates, thermal insulation allows you the luxury of staying cool and comfortable without consuming large amounts of energy.

Our Wall Lining Systems are designed to provide excellent thermal insulation along with other features. Some of the features include:

  • Contains insulating properties that blocks out heat flow and allows a pleasing environment while maintaining constant temperature.
  • Lining systems such as GypLyner® and DriLyner® reduces the effects of cold bridging - a phenomenon that occurs with the usage of materials with differing thermal conductivity in the main structure (for instance steel frame with concrete infill panels), or where gaps or cracks allow warm (or cold) air to penetrate the structure.
  • Thermal lining further reduces the differences between the wall surface temperature and the temperature of the ambient room air, making the possibility of surface condensation, or interstitial condensation forming within the outer wall structure, unlikely occurrences.

On top of providing a strong and robust finish and being energy saving, these systems also improve safety and comfort by greatly improving the fire and acoustic performance of any structure, making them the ideal solutions for a range of internal environments such as schools, hospitals, hotels and even residential complexes.

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