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Sound insulation

In this day and age, we are constantly being bombarded by noise in every direction. People talking, phones ringing, loud equipment and even traffic noise, all hinder conversation, reduce concentration and raise stress levels.
Sound insulation

Day or night, noise pollution is a nuisance that is hard for anyone to escape, in today's fast paced world. However, with just the simple solution of designing an appropriate acoustic climate and noise transmission specific to a space during planning stages, noise will not be a concern once construction is completed.

At Gyproc, we apply the more effective, Mass-Spring-Mass technique to all our acoustic products and systems. This means that an airspace is created between two walls, reducing the surface and mass weight by 10 times. The airspace can also be filled with lightweight porous insulation material such as mineral wool to improve the noise reduction index.

All of our acoustic products and systems have been measured and calculated for its STC (Sound Transmission Class) and NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) respectively.

STC is an indicator used to measure the soundproofing of an indoor environment. The higher the insulator number, the more efficient the soundproofing is. For instance loud speeches can be fairly audible at STC 30 but at STC 60 most sounds are inaudible.

The NRC, however, is used to calculate the sound absorption of a material. An NRC of 0 indicates perfect reflection, whereas an NRC of 1 indicates perfect absorption. Correspondingly, an NRC of 0.8 would indicate the absorption of 80% of the sound that comes in contact with the surface of the product, while 20% of that sound is reflected back into the space.

At Gyproc, we have developed various systems and solutions that combat noise pollution, such as the GypWall® ROBUST System which features DuraLine® PLUS 19 mm board with stone wool on GypFrame® metal framing, providing insulation up to STC 47. As well as the Gyptone® BIG solutions that not only improves the sound absorption within a space but also meet different acoustic requirements.

Our gypsum plasterboards and ceiling tiles are enhanced with acoustic sound insulation properties which works to reduce sound transfer from one space to another. 

They are ideal high quality gypsum boards to create quiet spaces in both residential and commercial buildings. 

Applications include multi-residential buildings, offices, rooms in apartments, foyers, cinemas, classrooms, libraries and gymnasiums. Our acoustic wall and ceiling systems are durable, cost effective and easy to install. 

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