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How To Choose A Gypsum Board Supplier in Malaysia?

The Malaysian construction industry has been on the lookout for alternatives to cement for plastering for several years now, and gypsum plaster is one of the prominent options for them.

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The size of the gypsum plaster market was relatively small in the country, standing at RM 95 million in 2017.

But since then, there has been an increasing call for reducing the wastage surrounding the construction industry and looking for sustainable ways that do the job. It has led to the rise of many gypsum board suppliers in the country, touting to sell high-quality offerings. 

But it is imperative for the end customer to know the prerequisites while choosing the right supplier.  

This article discusses things to know while choosing a gypsum board supplier.

Prerequisites to choose the right gypsum board supplier in Malaysia

Here are the things to keep in check while selecting the right supplier for your drywall needs in Malaysia-

1. Chalk out your criteria

Before you hunt for the right option, you must understand your needs. It requires gauging your order size, handling facilities, quality requirements, return policy, and any other criterion that matters.

2. Define your process for finding suppliers

Once you have your criteria in place, the next step is to figure out how you want to procure drywall. It can be via publishing in online forums or approaching local suppliers directly.  

3. Request for bids

You must be careful not to trust a single supplier and request a quote from multiple (at least three) parties. Asking them for a detailed answer would give you the insights necessary to shape your decision.

4. Wide range of options

Having too many options is seldom detrimental to us. Similarly, when you are on the lookout for a gypsum board supplier, look for the possibilities that they have for you. 

For example, Gyproc has over 13 categories of drywall. 

It includes GLASROC H (improved moisture resistance), HABITO (stronger than other boards), and FIRELINE (improved fire resistance), allowing you to choose the right product for your needs.

5. Consider the quality of the product vs. your requirements

Now that you have all the options from different suppliers, the next step is to understand if the quality on offer matches your needs. You need to emphasize quality checking and select only those willing to supply the quality you seek.

6. Look for good customer reviews

Customer reviews often help other customers gauge what to expect from a gypsum board supplier and its products. So you can look online for relevant reviews from people who bought drywall from the brands you have chosen and if they like or dislike it.

7. Consider the brand’s background experience

Irrespective of other factors, it is crucial for you to choose a dependable and reputable supplier for your needs. It includes going through their history and actively looking for people who understand the company well. 

Trusting someone with a proven record often helps users get rid of several ambiguities.  

8. Pricing

Pricing is one of the most vital aspects while choosing the right gypsum board supplier for yourself. Ensure that you understand the bids well and choose the supplier who offers you the best value-for-price proposition to meet your drywall needs.

9. Choose the most suitable gypsum board supplier

Since you have invited bids from multiple players, you now have an idea of the prevailing rates and the quality on offer. If you think that going a bit over your initial budget will help you secure much better quality, it is time to extend your budget. But if you are short on cash and do not want to topple it, look for a product that offers the best quality in your price range.

Choose quality, choose Gyproc for your gypsum wall needs

At Gyproc, we offer a wide range of gypsum plaster products for all your needs. From aesthetics to thermal protection, we ensure optimum satisfaction. Also, we ensure superior quality irrespective of the product you choose. 

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The article is a part of our series “What is gypsum board: uses and benefits